What is DEA

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These items require the Coalition develop the capacity in DEAS

– Provide training to DEAs. Administrative including records management, reporting, etc

– Governance including bylaw adherence, communications, record-keeping (minute-taking), reporting, etc

–  Technical including:

– Developing school improvement plans.

– Developing and deliver teacher orientation programs


These items must be done regularly to ensure that the Coalition can meet its administrative obligations

  1. Name a representative to sit on each hiring panel used for the hiring of senior regional staff of the department
  2. Meet with staff of the department trice annually to assist the Minister in long-term planning for the public education system regarding

–  Roles and responsibilities of district education authorities.

–  Any matter under this Act on which the DEA Coalition must be consulted.

–  Education program, including the curriculum, bilingual education, and inclusive education

–  Territorial targets for literacy bilingualism, attendance, school environments, and discipline

 3. Provide consultations to Minister on the following

–  To determine if the dismissal of the members of a DEA can be avoided by the Minister

– Assisting DEA to become able to exercise its powers, perform its duties and fulfill its responsibilities adequately under this Act and the regulations

– Proposed contents of new regulations including drafts of the regulation

– Proposed amendments to regulations including drafts of the amending regulation

4. Prepare and submit Annual Report to Minister within the six months of the end of each fiscal year that includes

Financial report

– Report on the operations and activities

– Report on the state of education in Nunavut from the perspective of district education authorities and communities.


–  Incorporation and fostering of Inuit societal values and the principles and concepts of inuit Qaujimajatuqangit in the public education system

-The education program

– Implementation of bilingual education and inclusive education goals, and

– Roles and responsibilities of district education authorities

– Reports on other matters related to the education system, if requested by the Minister prior to the end of each fiscal year

5. Review and revise if required) bylaws to ensure the following

– Any district education authority may become a member

– A DEA cannot be expelled or suspended as a member

– Only provide membership to DEAS, the Nunavummi Disabilities Makinnasuaqtit Society, or Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated

– DEA members make up at least 30% of NuCDEA directorship positions

6. Register bylaw changes as soon as practicable after registering a change to its by-laws under the Societies Act